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wWednesday, November 05, 2003

SHAMELESS (BUT WORTHWHILE) PLUGS: I've been so busy these last few weeks working on the new site that I've had little chance to promote it. That's a shame because we've published some great pieces that deserve a wider audience. To wit:

International woman of mystery Katherine Ruddy on the media circus last Thursday, when the capital was locked down over a kids' toy.

Andrew Simmons attends a bluegrass festival and, uh, has a bone to pick with the audience.

Kathy Shaidle dials for fatwas.

Daniel McCarthy on the Tories' likely tough-as-nails new leader.

Bill Croke on the burial of Buffalo Bill (a last minute convert, I learned).

Kelly Torrance on new extreme routes to wedlock.

And some idiot on a story that was practically a Spectator exclusive, a man jumping in front of the Metro at the East Falls Church station.

We really are publishing stuff that you won't find anywhere else, and the new look is not hard on the eyes. I'd ask readers to bookmark the front page and make it a daily stop. And if you read something there that you like or hate, we sure wouldn't mind the linkage.

posted by Jeremy at 8:53 AM