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wThursday, December 11, 2003

OH YEAH, I HAD THE SPECTATOR COVER TODAY: About -- what else? -- the moustached one. Had to throw this one together really fast, so forgive the lack of polish:

VIRGINIA -- I stumbled out of bed and fairly crawled to church, so when the pastor announced in the middle of his Sunday morning homily that Saddam Hussein had been captured, alive, in Iraq, I was quite shocked. It was difficult to muffle my applause.

Like many others, I assumed that Hussein -- were he still alive -- would meet the same fate as his sons, cornered by a mass of U.S. troops and then shot to hell. The complications with holding and trying him seemed simply too messy and nobody would miss him. Easier to do away with him, I figured. No court, military or otherwise, would have convicted the man who put a bullet through his head, and there's always that old canard: He was reaching for what appeared to be a weapon, honest.

Instead, according to early reports, 600 troops encountered a man on the run, dug into a flimsy subterranean shelter, with a small reserve of cash and a crazed look about him. Surprise, as much as anything else, must have made them hesitate before pulling the trigger. This was the great Saddam Hussein? The Butcher of Baghdad? He whose lust for statues and paintings had kept scores of local artists employed? And now the supposed rebel leader, coordinating attacks on U.S. convoys? Reduced to this? [more]

posted by Jeremy at 6:52 PM