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wFriday, December 05, 2003

TIRED... MUST... BLOG: One thing that I didn't foresee when I took this job at the Spectator was how much of the business end I'd get caught up in. This isn't a complaint -- for the most part I'm enjoying it -- but it has seriously cut down on my time to write. And this is the part where many bloggers say, "So I've decided to put this site on hiatus." Not this blogger, however. I'll still post here as regularly as I can. Lord knows Jeremiads tends to be a sporadic endeavor anyway, so why not? More to come into the weekend and early next week on whether I've turned into a rampant boozer, why politicians shouldn't apologize, and the latest goings on in re: my former employer from the Great White North. I've no hit counter and thus no way of measuring this but I do appreciate all my readers who've stuck around through thick and thicker.

posted by Jeremy at 3:37 PM