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wMonday, January 26, 2004

FUND FOR AMERICAN STUDIES: Uh, how should I put this? John Fund's piece on CPAC...certainly reached different conclusions than my own. Yes, there was a panel in which a few hired guns criticized Bush's drunken sailor routine (and no, I didn't attend) but I think Fund accidentally gives away the mood of the crowd with this little nugget:

Asked how he can criticize President Bush, [Rep. Tom Feeney] responded that he has an obligation to bring the concerns he hears from his constituents forward

Let's repeat that, shall we?

Asked how he can criticize President Bush...

In other words, I'm guessing, an agitated CPACer stepped up to the microphone to ask where Feeney got off criticizing our wonderful prez. This is hardly the populist revolt against spending that Fund tries to call forth in his piece.

posted by Jeremy at 9:24 PM