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wMonday, January 26, 2004

IN SEARCH OF BUSH'S BRAIN, AND CO: According to a recent article by Steve Sailer, GWB scored ten points more than yours tryly on the math portion of the SAT (actually a bit higher when you factor in the new tests), but I thoroughly kicked his ass in the verbal. No surprises there.

And speaking of George W. Bush, here's an article I did on this year's CPAC convention, which was very nearly a Bush love fest. Excerpt:

The upwards of 4,000 attendees carried blue with red and white lettering CPAC tote bags. College Republicans with American flag ties and "I Love George W. Bush" pins shuffled in and out of the hall, depending on who was speaking in the auditorium. Some old men in cowboy hats mingled with young debutantes-to-be, and old women wondered up to the ACLU booth to give the left-wing whippersnappers a good scolding.

On day one, dozens of Secret Service agents set up the portable metal detectors in preparation for Vice President Dick Cheney's visit. Well-armed cops held the leashes to bomb-sniffing dogs, and techs fiddled with the sensitivity of the sensors as they tried to process a line that stretched back at least a quarter of a mile. One particularly zealous agent twice denied the Spectator crowd access, until another member of the earpiece brigade took him aside to explain that it was OK to give the press cuts to the front of the line. [more]

Finally, go check out Wonkette, an amusing (good Lord, stop the bad puns!) gossip blog by friend Ana Marie Cox.

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