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wThursday, February 26, 2004

BAH, CAN'T SLEEP, HEF: Well, apparently the Courtmeister isn't the only one in this household suffering from insomnia. Bother. Might as well blog.

Housekeeping stuff first. There are a few responses to my piece on the Passion over at the Spectator's Reader Mail. To answer David Hornik's letter, I believe there are two "defensive, circle-the-wagons reaction[s]" to Mel's movie. Christians feel compelled to stick up for a movie about the death of their God, and non-Christian mostly secularist critics feel the need to change the subject by shouting anti-Semitism. Also, Shawn Macomber has a good piece on his trip to the movie on the website. His capsule-review-within-a-report:

The Passion is a difficult film to describe. It is as unrelenting as it is powerful. The air in the packed theater crackled with electricity, as the hype and the reality collided on the screen above us.

For all the talk of ultra-violence and gore, the film isn't any harsher than your typical Martin Scorsese pic. But knowing where the story is going, the tragedy of what this man suffered despite his goodness and innocence -- I never felt anyone in Goodfellas was being unreasonably whacked, for example -- made watching it all the harder to bear. [more]

Finally, a true story. Day before yesterday, I made it into the office about 1. My phone display said and there was a message waiting. I dialed in the code and listened to a message from a job headhunter. She was looking for an someone to edit a six page section in the front of a certain monthly magazine and wondered if that would interest moi. The magazine? Playboy.

Let me say that again: I got a call from a headhunter who needed an editor for Playboy Forum, and my name somehow made it onto the list. The worst part of it is, you'll all have to take my word for it, because I accidentally deleted the message before I could copy it or take down the particulars.

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