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wFriday, February 27, 2004

GETTING MY PASSION BACK: In response to my recent long midnight musings, former colleague Rick Hiebert worries that the daily grind is getting to me:

Perhaps Jeremy needs to find the fun parts of his day job, or find ways to make his freelancing fun. Let's wish him good luck on that quest.

If that's the impression the post created (and it probably was -- though I blame it more on the reflections on life and death toward the end) then I should issue a corrective. The job, like any job, can be tiring and, at times, tedious. But so what? It's also the best job I've had and a lot of fun. And I do genuinely enjoy editing pieces by our clutch of writers (see Shawn Macomber's piece on Alan Greenspan, for instance). It's just that there are trade-offs and time spent editing or seeing to the business end of things cannot be spent on writing -- for the Spectator, for freelance, or for this cozy little forum.

That said, I did do two cover stories this week and one of them, on the fury over The Passion of the Christ, is still generating comments. Today's Reader Mail is well worth a look.

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