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wTuesday, February 24, 2004

PUBLIC CITIZEN OF THE WORLD: Some day in the far flung future, I may go into the details that occasioned today's cover. Suffice it to say, I did not expect to write about Ralph Nader when I woke up this morning. I occasionally use the old Suck style to do a now-in-the-news type story, so I decided to go with that here. Suck haters may want to give this one a pass:

It may be an inapt metaphor to use the same week as Mel Gibson releases his tribute to Franco Zeffirelli and Apocalypse Now, but what the hell: the die is cast. Ralph Nader, the man who invented consumer advocacy (he single-handedly put the kibosh to the Volkswagen Bug), told Tim Russert Sunday that he will run for president as an independent candidate. The announcement came as a great big loud smack across the face to Democrats, who still blame Nader for scratching out Al Gore's chances in 2000.

Republicans, for their part, were giddy as schoolgirls on prom night, though they made a real effort to muffle the giggles. The exuberance of bloggers such as Mark Shea ("exxxxxcellent!"; "Kerry's Toast") was met with faux adult Elephant voices. David Frum cautioned that while he'd like Ralph's run to spoil this election for the Dems (deep sigh) he just didn't see it [more]

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