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wWednesday, February 04, 2004

TIMBERLAKE IN '04: Why I like co-editing the Spectator website Reason Number 2342: We sometimes resist the urge to be timely, in favor of good writing. Two articles today on yesterday's elections and three -- count 'em, three -- pieces on different aspects of the Super Bowl. Here's Andrew Simmons on the Super Bowl in San Fran:

Given the crowd's lack of muscle tone and green politics, one might expect this bunch to be less enthralled by the biggest game in football, a game which, according to a small, clueless minority, is a brutish sport. Thuggish skull-cracking is prized above nimble athleticism and perplexing parallels to modern warfare are the order of the day.

And your expectations would be crushed right about the time that Panthers' quarterback Jake Delhomme stumbles out of the pocket looking for a receiver. Patriots linebackers roar past his blocker to maul the quarterback from his vulnerable blind-side. Struggling like a tender antelope in the unforgiving jaws of a ferocious wild cat, Delhomme flounders but manages to fling the ball away before he crashes on the turf.

The living room erupts in raucous cheers. "Damn, he got dropped cold," screeches my friend, the 130-pound librarian/actor. His roommate, a skeletal special education teacher/musician, concurs. "Did you see his helmet bounce?" he shouts, cracking open a fresh brew and ripping a hot wing in half. "Did you? Oh man, that was awesome!" They both pound the coffee table like mental patients. [more]

And here's Kevin Michael Grace on that half time show:

BUT THE SECONDARY, MORE popular, meaning of "decadence" has to do with moral or cultural deterioration. The word is often prefixed with the intensifier "Weimar," referring to the republic and the rout it engendered in Germany after the First World War. And Weimar is certainly the word that comes to mind after Janet Jackson's choreographed tribute to Cabaret.

There we had La Jackson, kitted out in a greatcoat that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush with envy, striking "Rhythm Nation" fascist poses, while at her feet lolled lovelies attired in corsets, stockings and Sally Bowles bowlers pretending Sapphic ennui. How droll! [more]

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