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wMonday, March 01, 2004

ELFING GOOD SHOW: On the Spectator site today, we posted my piece from the current issue, on my trip to The Return of the King, opening night:

Director Peter Jackson spent seven years of his life planning, shooting, and editing the Lord of the Rings movies, so one day of mine didn't seem like too much to ask. The crowd that usually reclines at my Virginia townhouse -- a smattering of economists, college students, and eccentric editors of right wing magazines -- held an all day Festival of the Ring, leading up to the opening of the third and final installment at midnight.

No expense was spared. We bought tickets weeks in advance, carted in an extra television and fiddled with wires so that we could simulcast in the kitchen and living rooms, stocked up on vittles and beverages, and had pizza flown in from Giordano's in Chicago. In the days leading up to the occasion, we wrestled with the vexing question that must have confronted all Rings purists: theatrical releases or extended versions? Charity and brevity won out. Some of the likely guests hadn't seen the first two movies, and the prospect of tacking on another hour to them, already a six hour stretch, sounded less...festive than what we were trying for [more]

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