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wSaturday, June 26, 2004

LEAVING ON A JET PLANE/ONE LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL: July 1, I'll be getting on a plane at Reagan-Norquist National Airport and landing, after one hop, in Washington state. This is not, strictly speaking, a vacation. I put in my notice at the Spectator last week. I'll remain on at the website in some yet-to-be-negotiated capacity at least for the next few months. Let's put any speculation to the sword here and now: I jumped -- after giving it a whole lot of thought. Fairly certain I'll be back in D.C. before too long but it's all (bad pun warning) up in the air at this point.

But I'm Irish, so I don't feel like going out of town without toasting the occasion. Tuesday night, I'll be at my favorite bar, Jay's in Arlington, along with a few other troublemakers (starting at, let's say, 7). Don't know how many readers this blog has in the D.C. area, but if you feel like hoisting a pint or two with me, well, who am I to object?

posted by Jeremy at 12:22 PM