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wWednesday, June 30, 2004

MILDEST HANGOVER EVER: That's what I've got this morning after my getting-out-of-town party last night. I know that this is a hangover not from past experience, but from what people tell me the dreaded things are like. A few joints in my left arm are mildly achey, and I don't have a headache exactly but somewhere behind my eyes I can feel what might have become a headache if I had been drinking for seven hours, say, rather than five, and if I hadn't been quaffing water (can you quaff water?) along with beer.

Wonderful night. A dozen or so friends and colleagues -- think tankers, Canadians, fellow ink-and-pixel-stained wretches, computer programmers, seven-year-olds and crazy Southerners -- showed up, and most of them stayed to close the bar down at midnight. Got to the point that every time Elizabeth (our waitress) stopped by to ask if we needed another pitcher, someone would yell "two!" And then another guest would bid it up to "three!" Before long, three pitchers would materialize.

So now off to work. One last time.

posted by Jeremy at 7:38 AM