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wTuesday, June 08, 2004

SIT DOWN SHUT UP: Yesterday Books & Culture/Christianity Today ran my take on E.J. Dionne's Stand Up Fight Back, right under an instant "CT Classic," my review of Paul Kengor's God and Ronald Reagan. I wasn't very kind to Dionne's book:

According to Dionne, the problem with the press is that it's entirely too conservative. Not in the sense that it's packed with conservatives; surveys of reporters and editors consistently put the lie to that daffy notion. Rather, the press, overwhelmingly composed of liberals and Democrats, is operationally conservative.

Two reasons are given for this. The first, and least convincing, is that most reporters and editors are drawn from a certain class of people: urban, affluent blue state types. This, Dionne grants, has meant that "on social and cultural issues—-abortion and religion come to mind—-journalism was not particularly hospitable to conservative voices." But on economic issues, "especially free trade and balanced budgets," the rootless, upper-income journalists could be found blowing kisses in the direction of Adam Smith and Newt Gingrich. Which would explain why Steve Forbes is now president. [more]

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