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wSunday, July 04, 2004

BACK IN BLACK: Touched down Thursday just before midnight West Coast time (so, biologically, 3 a.m.), after a frantic day of packing, travel, delays, and indigestion. But I'm here now, in this usually quiet little Dutch town where you don't need air conditioning and the air doesn't conspire against you. Last night, the neighbors across the street launched several thousand dollars worth of fireworks in the air over our houses, making our lawn into the most coveted piece of real estate in the town, if only for a few hours. The chief of the mostly volunteer fire department had given the OK in advance, and the firefighters first drove by and waved at the proceedings, then circled around and parked about a block away and came over to watch. They were called away by some disturbance but came back later in the night and offered to help clean up. Only in Lynden.

posted by Jeremy at 11:02 AM