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wMonday, August 23, 2004

FRUSTRATION: Not sure what's come over me lately. I usually refrain from READING reader comments on blogs, and until the other day it had been some time since I actually mixed it up. Well, first there was the bit over at the Agitator about transubstantiation (which taught me that Radley's readers are morons). Then I welcomed Matt Yglesias to the wonderful world of the hack. Then I told Brooke Oberwetter's audience to make up their own damn minds about the sanity of Michelle Malkin. Finally, I penned a letter to my good friend Tim Carney, defending, of all people, David Frum.

I'd like to say that will be the end of it, but I'm not so sure. The comment threads are a good way of letting off steam and I've got plenty of that lately. Take the weekend: I had to cancel a mini-vacation to Seattle because I found out the Spectator is pulling the plug at the start of September [UPDATE: The link explains it but I should add that the magazine isn't shutting down]. So I stayed home to do the whole resume sending out thing.

But on Friday, the old piece of crap desktop that I used to use to print things refused. It resisted attempts to download the right file and then I found out that the disk drive was broken. So I drove to my father's office and attempted to use his printer, but ITS disk drive was broken. By the time I got the ink on paper, the mail room was closed. So I said, oh screw this, drove to Best Buy and bought a new computer, a nothing fancy desktop (http://www.emachines.com) that should at least solve my printing woes. The package included home installation but I was told that the installer wouldn't be able to make it until Sunday afternoon, and that I should under no circumstances hook it up to the Internet in the meantime.

I thought Saturday would be better but - ha! - what were the odds of that happening? I hightailed it from BC (where I'd had brunch with an old friend) to Bellingham to take care of a financial transaction. Drove through sheets of pouring down rain and beat the bank's one o'clock closing time. Then I went to start my '91 Sunbird. Five hours later, after much wetness, after having several people out to look at it, after waiting as our horrible towing service FAILED to find a local towing company, the car just decided that it wanted to work again, and I drove it to the family mechanic...

And that's enough of that. Over brunch with the redhead, I came up with an idea for a book of Jeremy Lott one liners to lift people's spirits. To wit:

1) You will probably fail.
2) The world IS out to get you.
3) Only the paranoid even stand a chance.
4) Sometimes even the air conspires against you.

And, my favorite, a little anti-beatitude to usher in the week:

4) Why worry about today when tomorrow could be so much worse?

Then there's the cover blurb:

A book you can't afford to ignore -- and therefore will.

posted by Jeremy at 1:40 AM