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wFriday, August 20, 2004

GOODBYE SEATTLE, AND D.C.: Well I won't make it to Seattle this weekend. The reason is sort of tricky. I had quit the Spectator effective July 1 but agreed to stay on as a contract employee for a while, and that's just what I did. And it worked out fairly well: I continued to solicit, edit, and post articles from this sleepy little town; kept in close contact with the Wladster; assigned and posted the artwork; etc. In fact, I was thinking of trying to codify this new relationship. I wouldn't get rich off of it, I figured, but there were other compensations, and maybe I could pick up some other work on the side to make the whole effort more comfortable.

But anyone familiar with my history knows that good things only happen to me by accident. Today I found out that the magazine has hired a new editor and she will take over my responsibilities, effective August 30. So this weekend marks the innaguration of my quest for a new job. I will be carpet bombing newspapers and magazines with resumes, and trying to get more freelance work to tide me over in the meantime. I'm not asking readers for direct financial assistance but any help that you can render will be appreciated.

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