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wThursday, August 26, 2004

OIL AND PETROCHEMICAL REFINERY STATE: I saw Garden State last night. Hmmm. Reactions: The movie wanted to be a great big statement but it took a while to decide just what it wanted to say. The first half hour to forty-five minutes (at least) is great satire. It goes from briefly ridiculing Hollywood to ridiculing suburban New Jersey. Children of privelege turned into adults but never bothered to grow up. My favorite cheap shot comes when a cop pulls the wonderfully named Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) over, and it turns out they're old high school, uh, friends.

There was one point at which I believed it was going to be a much darker movie: When Largeman watches his old best friend (Mark, played by Peter Sarsgaard) rob the jewelry off a dead body as he digs a grave, the phrase that came to mind was "Let the dead bury the dead." My largest problem with the film (which I did enjoy)is that I just don't buy the salve that it offered. Romantic love is overrated.

posted by Jeremy at 12:10 PM