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wThursday, September 16, 2004

PAIN IN THE NECK: I could tell there was something wrong the other day when I woke up and my right arm felt vaguely out of whack. Not displaced exactly, but close. Then I craned my neck to look at the time. Big mistake. Pain shot through my skull and lower back.

I half crawled, half fell out of bed and whimpered down the stairs. The cupboards were bare of the usual pills, so I resolved, foolishly, to tough it out and see if things got any better. I puttered around the house for a bit and then decided to make a trip to McDonald's before breakfast was finished. My gait was stiff and tortured like an old man's as I piled into my '91 Sunbird, and my arms and back ached when I turned the steering wheel.

Once I got home and sat down to try to accomplish something, my neck only grew more stiff and started throbbing. A friend called to talk about something and said I sounded "tired" (i.e. "distracted"). I said "No actually I'm just in a lot of pain."

So it was off to the chiropractor with me. One session, a lot of ice, and a few days later, I can kind of move my neck without fireworks going off, though I still have to be careful how I sleep. It slowed my writing down considerably, and obviously if I'm gnashing my teeth through freelance pieces I'm unlikely to post here. And now, I'm off to Ohio for a wedding. Should be back Monday. You should be able to get my latest Spectator column Friday by going to the the homepage (provided, of course, that Matt Drudge doesn't link to it).

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