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wTuesday, September 07, 2004

RUSSIAN ROULETTE: I'm not sure if the writing conveys it but the story about the hostage debacle in Russia really pissed me off. Here's a bit of my piece on the subject:

The picture from Russia grew uglier as the long weekend rolled on. The New York Times headline reported 200 dead in the Saturday edition, and the casualty count continued to climb. Photos of the bloodied, soiled, nearly naked children being evacuated were actually the good news. The horror stories poured out from the freed parents, teachers, and children: of armed Chechen terrorists seizing a middle school in the southwestern Russian province of North Ossetia Wednesday, the first day of the school year. They established their authority by killing a few dozen people and then executed the wounded so as to not have to worry about them. Female would-be suicide bombers, wearing belts made of plastic explosives, posted children at windows to deter snipers. Other children were forced into the hot gym, which was wired with explosives -- explosives which rained down death from above -- and some may have died of dehydration. [more]

UPDATE: Go read Colby Cosh. Now!

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