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wThursday, October 21, 2004

BOOK 'EM: Ugh, just getting out from under a massive book editing project. Here's what I did for GetReligion yesterday: I praised a piece about the election of the next pope, assuming John Paul II isn't immortal. (Hey, you never know. The guy survived the Nazis, the Communists, and a would-be assassin's bullet.) One bit from the article I left out because I wanted to avoid any JPII triumphalism:

AFTER the hullabaloo for last year's 25th anniversary of John Paul II's election as Pope, the weekend celebration of his 26th anniversary was a relatively quiet affair.

The frail pontiff held a special mass and Russia's Red Army Choir performed for him at the Vatican. Being feted in song by the army that once suppressed him and his beloved Poland was a remarkable tribute to his papacy and probably more pleasant for the 84-year-old than the crowds and media attention given to his achievements.

That's right. The pope still doesn't have any divisions, so Russia loaned him a few.

posted by Jeremy at 9:56 PM