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wMonday, October 25, 2004

DEAR IGNORANT, ARROGANT WRITER: Fun e-mail exchange with reader Daniel J Sebelski. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I read the following. Subject line: "Your ignorance." Both the spelling and grammar are accurately reproduced below:

"Your ignorance and arrogance on how stupid you think most Americans are is enough to make one sick. As an ex-republican looking back and seeing the direction of the party has taken is enough to make me puke. The down right lies or distortion of the truth should make any normal American scream. Oh yeah both parties are guilty of it, but the republicans have made an art form out of it. There is no doubt in my mind if this so called president George W with the exact same record in the last four years was a democrat you hypocrites would be demanding his impeachment. Lets see, president Clinton lied about a affair that almost got him impeached, and George W who lied about WMD and has our military personnel coming home in body bags, maimed for life and costing our tax payers billons of dollars while Osama is still free has not in the least bothered the vast majority of the republican party. What a bunch of hypocrites. He lied and continues to lie to the American people. And this moron we call George W was so happy about the war he just had to give another tax break, not caring or thinking (thinking is not his strong point) about the cost to future tax payers. And just to let you know, this so called tax breaks for all Americans is costing me $300.00 more per year in federal taxes than before president Moron was elected.

"To this day from four years ago, I still cannot believe the republicans nominated George W Moran over John McCain, whom I would have voted for. When the hypocrites nominated George W Moran over John McCain is when this party lost me. I know we would not be in this mess if John McCain had been elected. So because of people like you writing lies or twisted truths about what really is going on, most likely will get another 4 years of this moron. But I do pray along with half the country this MORON does not get a second term. I HOPE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP AND SEE THE MESS THIS MORON HAS PUT THIS COUNTRY IN."

I replied:

"How many people have you sent this form letter out to? A tip: you might want to personalize it to the recipients. It feels canned and generic."

He explained:

"Your the first."

So I added helpfully:

"Well as I said, you'll want to personalize it to include actual references to people's writings."

This... was not well received. He shot back:

"You got to be kidding. You are telling me you need references about the war going on in Iraq. You need references on President Moran addressing the country on WMD from the oval office, and repeating the same thing at the state of union address. You need references on him getting nominated over John McCain, you need a reference on the billions of tax payers money being spent on this war, I guess you must think its free. With all of this going on, you ask for written references. What kind of writer are you? Get your head out of your $%^% and look what's going on. Because of George W and his administration lies, stating Sadam does have WMD to he wanted WMD is enough to make one sick Those are real soldiers coming home in body bags, but since you turn a blind eye to the truth, those soldiers don't mean a thing to you.

"And since we originally went to war to capture or kill Osma, please send me some kind of reference he has been captured or killed."

Talk about being misunderstood! I capped off the exchange with this:

"No, I'm telling you that, in order to be anything more than mildly amused with a letter that arrives purporting to tell me that I am "ignorant" of the usual well- rehearsed charges, that letter would have to include actual references to my work. You know, HERE you say this and that isn't true because X -- that sort of thing.

"PS: Not seeing your point on John McCain. He talked about removing Saddam during the Republican primary, pressed the president to invade, and has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the war in the Senate."

posted by Jeremy at 12:17 PM