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wFriday, October 08, 2004

DROPDEADLINES: After staying up until 5 a.m. Wednesday to finish a story (the fourth in four days), I decided to take it easy for a few. Yes, this freelance thing has its perks. I slept a lot and what little I did write was for GetReligion.org. Here's the week's list o GetReligion links:

For Tuesday, I took a swipe at the author of an anti-Bush, anti-evangelical screed in the Arab News. I had been hired as the foreign press critic, so I also loaded my profile to the website. I'm lousy at writing these things so a certain unemployed Canadian columnist chipped in with editorial advice. His suggested bio was much shorter: "Jeremy Lott is a lazy, temperamental slacker from Lynden, Washington."

For Thursday and Friday, I looked at an upstart fringe party in Australia called the Family First Party. The Green Party is alleging, and the press is parroting, that the party is a front for the Assemblies of God. On the second pass I remarked that if so it's a lousy front. If I was reading the party's literature without the newspapers to guide me, I'd assume that it was a front for a much older church. That is, by my reading, the party's reasoning seems to have been massively informed (to use a Nick Gillespieism) by Catholic social thought.

And that's all, for now, on the religion front. Crossing my fingers but I'll probably have a link here tomorrow to a piece by moi in the Indianapolis Star.

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