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wTuesday, October 12, 2004

NO WORRIES: Over the weekend, I watched Crocodile Dundee for the first time. Thought I'd seen the movie as a kid but it turns out I only caught about 20 minutes of it. Maybe there was a tracking problem? Good flick, though watching the original makes me think a lot less of the third Dundee movie, mentioned below, which I had thought mildly entertaining. Today, I have the Spectator cover story, a piece on the recent elections in Dundee's Australia.

I called the Liberals' win "an impressive achievement, but it received about as much ink in major U.S. newspapers as Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles." My second favorite national newspaper, USA Today, made due with a brief item on page 13A:

The New York Times ran a pair of articles Sunday, on page 16 of the first section and buried in a week-in-review section further back in the paper. The first piece, by reporter Raymond Bonner, made the sketchy anecdotal case that this vote was mostly about the economy, not Howard's decision to go to war alongside the U.S. in Iraq and to continue to stick it out there with a small troop presence. In the second piece, Jane Perlez argued that the two candidates "differed primarily about who can hand out the most money to maintain the hedonistic lifestyle of many Australians" and then accused the nation of ethnic insensitivity toward its Asian neighbors.

Many bloggers and conservative media critics have pounced on a sentiment articulated by the L.A. Times write-up of the election (on A3, while we're playing the placement game): "Howard's defeat would have been a setback for President Bush, who counts on Australia as a key contributor to the international forces deployed in Iraq." John O'Sullivan charged in the New York Post that "Al Qaeda has received a serious setback, Kofi Annan a rebuke, France and Germany a disappointment -- and the media elites a slap in the face so stinging that outside Australia Howard's victory has been a non-story." [more]

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