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wSaturday, October 02, 2004

THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE: Because I avoided the Internet as much as possible yesterday, I missed out on much of the fury over the National Post sacking Colby Cosh. I'm rather glad I came late to this game.

I mean, sure, I'm all for cancellation. If a) you subscribe to the Post and b) you are as dissapointed by what happened as many Canadian bloggers who have weighed in thus far, go ahead and sever your link to what could have been a great newspaper. And make sure to accompany that cancellation with an explanation. Make them understand what cutting off Cosh cost them.

But there are costs and there are costs. Take a look, today, at Colby's thoughts on Ichiro setting the all time record for hits in one year. I assume some variation of this would have been his Post column Monday. If I had to describe Cosh's latest in one word, it would be definitive. By cutting ties with my friend, the Post has lost a lot more than money.

posted by Jeremy at 2:55 PM