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wSaturday, October 16, 2004

WHERE ARE ALL THE ANTI-KERRY BOOKS?: Was the question I posed to the help counter at the Barnes & Noble. It turned into a column for the Indianapolis Star. Here's the end, looking at the possible political fallout:

By bringing out so many anti-Bush books, the publishing industry has done three things that its mostly Democratic voters may soon regret. First, it has boosted the president's stature: If this many people are attacking him, some voters are sure to reason, he must at least be effective. Second, by airing so many frequent, sometimes over-the-top criticisms of Bush, publishers help color the opposition as a bunch of obsessives and crazies.

Finally, the shortage of anti-Kerry books helps to reinforce the senator's image as the candidate of a certain social class, and a lightweight to boot. The suspicion is that the smart set refrains from criticizing Kerry because they can't stand the thought of a Bush victory, and also because they aren't sure he could take it. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 8:00 PM