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wTuesday, November 02, 2004

SPECIAL UGH, ANOTHER ELECTION EDITION: Thank God I have enough freelance work to keep busy today. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid the headlines until, say, early December, when an ailing Judge Rehnquist casts the deciding vote to install Bush for another four years.

For the up-to-the-minute stuff, go visit Colby Cosh. You all know which candidate I'm voting for and which one I strongly advise you not to vote for (check out the comments thread here: "Captain, There's no way we can repel punditry of that magnitude!" "Admiral, Jeremy'll wear Matt down, I know it!"). Last presidential go-round, I threatened to move to Canada if the Democrat won but I don't think I'll be trying that trick again.

Here's a piece from today's Spectator on the red state blue state drama writ small, and an item from GetReligion on attempts by evangelical Christian artists to do their own version of Vote for Change. Here's a piece from a few weeks back on the literary politics of this election, and here's a link to the instantly infamous Guardian interview in which Tom Wolfe let us out of touch elitist journos have it.

A few more things and then I'm out of here:

1) Tim Cavanaugh takes a good whack at liberal hawks who kinda-sorta backed Bush in Iraq but then turned on him in a remarkable show of ingratitude. This is a topic that I've touched on before.

2) Re: the back and forth of over the Libertarian Party on the blogs of Jim Henley and Radley Balko, I come down on Henley's side of the argument, before he goes and ruins it by endorsing Kerry. When I'm casting a protest vote, I don't want to worry overmuch about whether it's "responsible" or not. As for worries that Badnarik will give libertarians a bad name, I say, Hey, you've got to take the good with the bad in this movement.

3) OK, so I was wrong about Nader. How was I supposed to know that he'd be so bad at securing ballot access?

4) Finally, in response to a toss-off line in today's Spectator column, one reader sent me pics of her '89 Sunbird. Very cool. If I can figure out how to post them, and if she'll let me, I'll put them up tomorrow.

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