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wTuesday, December 28, 2004

LIVE FROM LYNDEN: I blasted off on Christmas Eve to visit the family in northwest Washington. For the first time ever, I got a direct flight from National to Seatac. Upside: no stopovers. Downside: that is one looong flight. Also, it was two hours late, so thank God for airport bars.

This week, I'm posting at GetReligion, working on a writing project, and, to the extent that it's possible, taking it easy for a bit. I read the complete Bone: One Volume Edition (all 1,300 + pages of it) and plan to finish, at least, Doug Coupland's new novel and a short (very short) N.T. Wright number.

My most recent GetReligion post is a reaction to a Newsweek story on Rick Santorum, and I forgot to link to my Christmas Eve rant and my brief for a Christopher Caldwell Weekly Standard cover story.

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