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wFriday, December 17, 2004

UGH, BUSY THIS WEEK: I was working at the Cato editing and placing articles (to wit), wowing people at the annual Winter Solstice party with my dance moves (as in, "Wow, he sucks.") and pounding out a few pieces for GetReligion. In the comments section, readers accused me of having a Steve Taylor fetish and trying to insert my religion into a secular holiday...Chrismas.

I didn't manage to put in an appearance at the Spectator this week but I did hornswaggle my friend Heather Roscoe into reporting on the back-and-forth in the Washington state governor's race. Also, I notice that my post-election meanderings have been partially vindicated. So there. Back to a writing project. If I run into Gary Bauer at the IHOP tomorrow, I'll be sure to let y'all know.

posted by Jeremy at 10:06 PM