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wWednesday, January 12, 2005

GET RELIGION -- OR ELSE!: As I noted here before, my GetReligion post on the political situation in Iraq -- clearly written as a set-up for another post that would deal with religious issues in the country -- drew a number of complaints for being off topic. So many complaints, in fact, that I took to the comments section to mount a defense of myself. I asked readers, "What part of 'stay tuned' is so hard to understand?"

That wasn't the end of it in that comments thread and the whole thing got my dander up enough that I decided to take my time getting to religion in Iraq. I hinted at it in my bit on David Brooks, which prompted Shawn Macomber to write, "Whoa, a cliffhanger! Jeremy Lott, unmasker of overlooked articles and inventor of the serial blog!"

Yeah well, there's that. So then I finally got around to explaining the religion-in-Iraq bit, I expected readers would be hip to what was going on.

No such luck. A friend wrote in with a parody of the earlier chorus of off-topic critics, which was followed by an entirely earnest letter saying that my friend was entirely correct about my wandering pen. That is, I simply have "an Iraq-axe to grind" and should "do it elsewhere." My response might amuse a few readers.

posted by Jeremy at 11:42 PM