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wSaturday, January 15, 2005

INFINITY PLUS ONE: Here's a fun response to my stab at theodicy by Alan G. Ampolsk. Ampolsk writes about the Ron Rosenbaum piece that spawned my post and then brings me into the conversation. "Jeremy Lott," he explains, "has no patience for Rosenbaum, or for the whole issue." He then quotes my soon-to-be-infamous conclusion --

I'd issue some kind of grand retort here but, like I said, this stuff just does not move me. That people are rotten, or that the earth shakes, it seems to me, do not count for much against the possibility of a good and loving God whose actions in this world are not always easy to discern or explain.

-- and responds

Which seems to me a little like saying, "yeah, infinity, it's really long, get used to it." Evil is a mystery -- next question. The GetReligionists are traditional, institutional observers, and the gnarly, mindbending quasi-Gnostic stuff doesn't seem to be their thing.

I should add that, while the GetReligion writers do not speak with one voice -- a common misconception of a lot of our critics --, we are all what would not be wrong to characterize as "traditional, institutional observers." LeBlanc is a conservative Episcopalian at war with his own denomination. Mattingly is a former Episcopalian who embraced Eastern Orthodoxy. I'm a reluctant convert to the Church of Rome.

In short: we're a pretty good cross-section of high church America.

posted by Jeremy at 9:34 PM