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wWednesday, January 19, 2005

MORE RELIGION TO GET: I really should update this site more often. I neglected to link to this bit on how Oxford is going to allow an experiment involving religion and torture, and I'm also late to the game notifying readers of my two posts (here and here) about the murder of a family of Coptic Christians in New Jersey, of all places.

I tried to make two points that fit together uncomfortably. The first was that I "abominate the very idea of hate crimes, where somehow weighing motives becomes more important than weighing actions." The second point was that "if we tweaked the situation a bit -- say Egyptian Muslim immigrants were murdered and rabid Presbyterians were suspects -- it's hard to imagine law enforcement would be campaigning so vigorously against drawing conclusions, or that the press would by and large go along with that suggestion."

posted by Jeremy at 9:06 PM