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wTuesday, January 25, 2005

REMEMBER THE LIBERWOCK, MY SON: The November issue of the American Spectator carried my review of Victor Gold's Liberwocky: What Liberals Say and What They Really Mean which was added to the website in today's line up. Here's a bit:

Though Gold allows that liberals "can be a load of laughs" in the abstract, it is clear that he is more maddened than amused by the continuing dominance of progressives in the press, the academy, and certain slices of American society. The first entry under C is "Camelot. A mythical liberal era when all men were equal, affluent, and inspired, and women were beautiful, witty and well-groomed, and Republicans knew their place."

The italics are his, which pounded the first warnings into my very thick skull that this is a serious book masquerading as a silly one. It wasn't enough to throw the joke out there and let the audience either understand or fail to grasp it; it was important that you get the point. On closer inspection, the veneer of frivolity is very thin indeed. Gold didn't even bother with the normal word-usage indicators (n., v., adj., etc.) that are common to the genre.

The point, he explains, is that words "like ideas—even empty calorie words that pass for ideas— have consequences," and that liberals have been very good at molding the language to their own propaganda ends. Gold aims to draw out the assumptions behind word usage and thus do his own little bit to ruin some poor Democratic Party hack's day. [more]

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