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wSunday, February 06, 2005

NOT COLD FUSIONISM: I'll just make with the ad copy:

Roundtable in February: Speakers, date announced...
Conservatives and Libertarians: Can This Marriage Be Saved? During the Cold War era, conservatives and libertarians united around hostility toward communism and liberalism. National Review's Frank Meyer called this union "fusionism," and argued that it wasn't just a marriage of convenience, but a union based on the deep compatibility of liberty and tradition. Increasingly, however, that ideological marriage has been punctuated by long, sustained spats: over war, gay marriage, stem-cell research, and a host of other issues. Just another rocky patch, or is it time for a divorce?

Arguing to keep the marriage together will be W. James Antle III of The American Conservative and Jeremy Lott of the Cato Institute. Amy Mitchell of The American Spectator and Reason editor Nick Gillespie will take the side of divorce. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 23rd, at the Fund for American Studies (1706 New Hampshire Ave. NW). Drinks will begin at 7:00 p.m., with dinner and discussion following at 7:30 [more]

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