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wThursday, February 24, 2005

THOUGHTS ON THE DEBATE (I): The "forces of fusion" carried the day. I'm not saying that Jeremy Lott and W. James Antle III clubbed Nick Gillespie and Amy Mitchell like baby seals, but it was a win in the best sense of the word: a win on points, and a win on convincing the crowd.

There were a lot of fun moments. Moderator Gene Healy called Gillespie the "Fonzi of free markets" in his opening remarks. When I was making a point about Bush's new budget being the most radical since Reagan's 1981 budget, a member of the audience challenged by asking, "Have you READ what Cato said about the budget?" Me: "I EDITED what Cato had to say." (More accurately, I had a hand in editing what Cato had to say, but those distinctions are lost on popular public forums.)

There were also bizarre moments. Cornered on what he thinks libertarianism is, Gillespie said that libertarian is all about "pluralism and tolerance," which did not go over so well. After, Antle related to me that someone came up to him and said that he knew why I was carrying an umbrella but asked what was his excuse.

More later.

posted by Jeremy at 7:09 AM