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wFriday, February 25, 2005

THOUGHTS ON THE DEBATE (II): Given the size of the crowd and the number of bloggers there, the small number of comments that I've seen on the debate has been surprising. If people want to comment but not at length, they might go over to this thread at Reason's Hit & Run.

I'm told that there may be an audio version of this on the AFF website at some point, so I won't post the text of my prepared remarks here, but I will include the first paragraph and explain my most awkward line from later in the statement. I began

Both Jim Antle and yours truly are at a disadvantage here because most marital spats start with the arguments and threats of divorce and then work their way around to the reasons for keeping it together -- often after long periods of sulking. Here I have to be the voice of reason and compromise before Nick Gillespie starts in with the nagging.

When talking about the origins of the religious right, here is how the text reads:

In fact the modern religious right as a mass political movement began not with Roe v. Wade but with Jimmy Carter's ham-fisted attempts to interfere with private Christian schools. (#) Many of the millions of new religious voters who ushered Reagan into office in 1980 viewed their political involvement as a defensive action.

I did a bit of ad-libbing, however. Before the last sentence (see #) I wanted to say "The doves here might appreciate this one." But the word dove flew right out of my vocabulary at the crucial moment, and so I substituted "anti-hawks" for the birds of peace. Ugh.

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