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wSaturday, March 26, 2005

CATO STUFF: Kathy Shaidle has (enveighed against isn't quite the phrase here, so let's go with) raised questions about whether libertarians and conservatives are destined to work at cross-purposes. I won't respond directly except to say, Go read this post by Gene Healy. In the comments threads, Matthew Hogan writes, "Is there something taller than a standing ovation? I am doing it." I'd second that.

Justin Logan has added this "non-evil conservative" to his blogroll. I'd reciprocate, except that I don't have a blogroll. Also, belatedly, Brooke Oberwetter is back with a blog. She links to the audio of her own AFF roundtable. Her debate partner (Max Pappas) was a bit of a bore but I think her performance holds up well.

posted by Jeremy at 5:57 PM