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wSaturday, March 12, 2005

LOTT O NEWS: So my name has popped up in some unexpected places of late, including the Boston Globe. Cathy Young covered the great conservative/libertarian debate. Because of the way the ad copy put it, a friend wrote in "Jeremy Lott, marriage counselor."

One of the commentators at the Daily Kos chose to praise my unsparing tsunami theodicy coverage. Of the same subject, same quote, Tim Cavanaugh, in an essay for his website The Simpleton, wrote,

At GetReligion.org, Jeremy Lott dispatches the theodicy question with extreme prejudice: "I'd issue some kind of grand retort here," Lott writes, "but...this stuff just does not move me. That people are rotten, or that the earth shakes, it seems to me, do not count for much against the possibility of a good and loving God whose actions in this world are not always easy to discern or explain." If the world-weary tone sounds odd coming from a believer, it's probably because the theodicy question makes so little sense... [more]

posted by Jeremy at 12:31 PM