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wSaturday, March 26, 2005

THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS: So the Lott-Antle / Mitchell-Gillespie fusionism debate continues to reverberate. The American Conservative's Daniel McCarthy penned the best summation that one could reasonably expect over at LewRockwell.com (no sarcasm there; check it out).

And I'd like to send out a big "screw you too buddy" to the American Conservative Union's Donald Devine for writing up the debate without mentioning names other than Nick Gillespie. Devine said that those debaters holding up the "let's keep it together" end of the panel -- hint: their names rhyme with Mantle and Pott -- were both "fusionist conservatives." Look, if you want to call me a conservative, I won't initiate force against you, but common courtesy dictates that, in a public debate, you identify the people you are writing about.

Also, the audio of the dust-up is now available (click here). The audio came out better than I expected and they didn't even cut my "no bullet theory" joke out at the end.

posted by Jeremy at 4:53 PM