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wMonday, March 07, 2005

UGH, HOME SICK: Must use some of that stuff that people call "time" to post something here. At GetReligion, I've been stalking the once-great New York Press. I first noted at some length the stupid Matt Taibbi anti-pope cover story and some of the reactions to it. Then I noted that Alan Cabal, who just happens to be a Satanist, had resigned in protest. Then I examined the question: Jeff Koyen: first amendment martyr or gasbag?

Also at GetReligion, I gave props to the New York Times for its choice of John Tierney as the new op-ed columnist to replace William Safire. I gave readers a taste of Jonathan Rauch's latest and invited them to pop on over to Seattle's The Stranger for a look at the abortion debate among Dems.

posted by Jeremy at 5:47 PM