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wSunday, August 21, 2005

THAT'S NOT FUNNY!: Watched Broken Flowers today. During the previews, a trailer for the movie version of the musical Rent came on. I had to clamp a hand over my mouth to stop myself from bursting out with my own song: "Everyone has AIDS!" As for the movie itself... Good title; lots of scene chewing but most of that didn't drag; the dream sequences were tedious; Alexis Dziena has a great ass and the gag (a young Lolita type named...Lolita) worked. But oh, the ending.

Look, I think I get what the director was trying to say with this movie: You have two different types of mysteries: those that can get solved Sherlock Holmes-style, and those that will never be solved, like religion and women. And Bill Murray finally realizes that the second type of mystery exists and that he is never going to solve it, and it makes him feel all alone and everything. So somebody comes up with the following bright idea:

"Hey, let's film Bill Murray all alone in the middle of the street from a bunch of different angles."

"Yeah, that'll work!"

Well, it didn't.

posted by Jeremy at 7:03 PM