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wFriday, August 26, 2005

WOW: I mean just wow. A catalog for National Vanguard Books arrived at my office today. I had not solicited it, nor, I believe, did any of my predecessors. Printed on gray newsprint, the cover explains that the book distributor "specializes in books which examine things from points of view not normally provided by the dominant media."

The name of the distributor touched off vague memories of the don't-go-there variety, but I flipped through it anyway. My eyes first settled on page 41, where an item caught my interest. From the blurb for the book Triumph of Reason: The Thinking Man's Guide to Adolf Hitler, I learned that

Book after hostile book vilifies Adolf Hitler, as authors parrot Allied and Jewish propaganda, only rarely ever allowing the German leader [to] speak for himself. Not so this book. A near-encyclopedia of Hitler's views, readers will discover in its pages what the Fuhrer really said about democracy, socialism, imperialism, the quest for peace, women's rights, morality, censorship, Christianity, friendship with foreign nations, and scores of other subjects. Drawn from three decades of speeches and writings, the excerpts reveal a powerful intellect governed by reason and insight, and a soul inspired by a love of race and nation that puts today's vacuous leaders to shame. Oversize 77pp Soft Cover $25.00

Now I have a few questions about this. First, how can any self-respecting catalog blurb writer describe a book that's only 77 pages long as a "near encyclopedia"? Second, isn't $25 a little pricey for a 77-page soft cover? Third, why are Nazis sending me catalogues?

posted by Jeremy at 11:59 AM