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wFriday, September 02, 2005

THE TALKIES: Colby Cosh and yours truly may have to come to blows because I watched Hudson Hawk the other day and thought it only a decent effort. The romance was forced and the villians were too cartoonish, even for a movie with a slapstick sensibility. Suggested truce: It has an excellent, wonderfully frank director's commentary.

On the long ride from Reagan to Seattle, I shelled out ten bucks to rent one of those personal video devices to see if they are worth doing. The picture isn't terrible but the sound can be problematic. Not sure if it was the device or the earphone but everytime the volume kicked up, I got an annoying burst of static in my left ear.

Further problems: The movie and television selection wasn't great and it seemed pointless to do the music video thing with the interference. In the end the decision was made to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then Electra. If I had it to do over again, I'd reverse the order.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith had plenty of delicious eye candy -- Brad, broads, and bullets -- but the car chases and firefights began to bore after awhile and the ending is lame. It could have been a fun War of the Roses-type story but instead we got a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid knockoff, where they survive the final gunfight and then celebrate by going to marriage counseling.

The first hour of Electra is a decent buildup but there my evaluation has to end because the evil stewardess came by and confiscated my video player -- more than a half hour before we were to land. Come fly our friendly skies? Bah, bumbug.

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