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wFriday, October 21, 2005

CLOSE ONE: A few weeks back, I received a jury summons for a Whatcom County court. I was to serve for a week in late November, which is exactly the time that I will be typing up a storm to finish my book within spitting distance of "on time." I wrote to the court to explain why this would indeed be a "hardship" and an "undue burden," and left it at that.

My phone rang today:

Yours Truly: Hello.

Caller: This is [didn't catch the name] from the Whatcom County Courthouse, I'm trying to reach Jeremy Lott.

YT: Speaking.

C: You've asked to be excused from jury duty because you have to write a book?

YT: Yes.

C: What we normally do in cases like this is reschedule. Can you serve in early December?

YT: Well, you see, the thing is, I work for a certain free market think tank in Washington, D.C., and I'm only here to finish my book. I'll be going back to Fairfax, Virginia, in December.

C: So you're not a Whatcom county resident?

YT: Technically I am.

C: So you have a D.C. drivers license?

YT: No, I still have my Washington license but that's just because I don't drive a car in Virginia.

C: But you vote over there?

YT: Ah, well I haven't really voted there yet.

C: (Exasperated) Where do you pay taxes?

YT: I pay the Virginia state income tax.

C: OK then, we'll put you down as a nonresident. You're excused from jury duty.


YT: Thanks!

How about that: The first time I've ever been, well, glad to pay taxes.

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