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wSunday, October 16, 2005

D'OH: All this talk of my latest Beliefnet article has reminded me of an exchange that the last one kicked up. My pal and frequent American Spectator contributor John Tabin read it and decided to argue with me. I'll give y'all the end of the exchange and let you look into it if it sounds worth doing:

Tabin: All that this proves, though, is that most of us think the costs of summary execution outweigh the benefits.

Lott: I don't think most of us look it as a cost/benefit analysis but as a matter of justice. The normal thought process goes like this.

Proposition A: It is wrong to murder people.

Proposition B: Those who murder people should lose their own lives for having deprived someone else of his life.

Proposition C: We really should be sure that someone has violated proposition A before invoking proposition B.

Oh, and John, I owe you lunch when I get back.

posted by Jeremy at 1:02 AM