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wThursday, October 27, 2005

HARRIET THE WHY: I was conflicted about the Miers nomination because I disagree with Bill Kristol about very nearly every practical political judgment, and he came out swinging against her.

Then again, I knew she was doomed when Bob Tyrrell predicted that she had it in the bag. (Based on this same rule of thumb, it's tempting to bet that Karl Rove will be indicted, but I'm not a betting man.)

The funniest moment of the Miers nomination comes to us by way of the New York Sun:

[F]ormer Judiciary Committee counsel...Manuel Miranda said [Chairman Arlen] Specter has said that he does not think Ms. Miers is a good nominee.

"It is no secret in the Senate what Mr. Specter thinks of Ms. Miers's qualifications," Mr. Miranda said.

Mr. Specter denied that he has told anyone his views on Ms. Miers.

"Absolutely not," Mr. Specter said. "Give me their names, they'll be subpoenaed. I have not told anybody that."

Colleague Gene Healy writes:

[S]ay what you will about Clinton, he never nominated Webb Hubbell for the Supreme Court.

And the country was just so much better off with Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

On a tangentially related note, last night over dinner the subject of the new James Bond came up. Everybody was unimpressed with the choice of Daniel Craig to play the part. I predicted that he would be the Harriet Miers of James Bonds. Here's hoping.

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