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wTuesday, October 18, 2005

LAWNMOWER MAN WITH A BAD BACK: Here's a tip. It's usually a good idea to rake up the leaves before you mow the lawn.

The other day I considered that three trees on our property had shed all or most of their leaves and said, nah, I'll mow through it. This was not a good decision because the lawnmower fills up very quickly when you mow through leaves and the leaves make it much more difficult to empty the bag by bunching together.

I was forced to make at least three times as many trips as normal and had to shake the bejeesus out of the bag to get the leaves to cooperate. I was so beat at the end that I employed the services of a few guys who run a local lawncare business, for $20, to edge the lawn and cart away the leaves and grass clippings.

That's still better than the alternative, I thought at the time. Given the size of the yard, the normal fee would have been $50. I had "saved" $30 by doing it myself and got a good workout in the process. Big pat on the back.

And a good thing too. It turned out that $30 was the exact price of my visit to the chiropractor the next morning to bring some relief to the muscles in my neck and upper back. So all I lost was about 24 hours of productivity, and my pride.

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