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wThursday, October 20, 2005

MY DYSPEPTIC MUSE: I found something last night that is beyond cool. Ellen Reid is the beautiful (see below) original female vocalist for the Crash Test Dummies with a voice that I'd take a bullet for.

The other year, Reid put out her own solo album titled Cinderellen. My favorite song on the CD is "In Defense of the Wicked Queen," a number from the point of view of a queen of lore who put away the young princess ("a sleeping girl with a stupid name") because she didn't want the competition. This is the queen giving an account of herself, explaining that she gave up love for power and then defending that choice as she contemplates her own demise and damnation.

I mention this now because I found that Reid's website has a few of her songs available to download (here) as MP3s. She also provides commentary on the songs. Of "In Defense of..." she writes "Snow White was a frowsy, stupid tart. The Wicked Queen was merely vain. Oh, and she enslaved her subjects. ... I sort of envisioned what it would be like if The Wicked Queen had to stand trial for her crimes and this is her statement to the jury."

Give a few of these songs a listen, folks, and then, you know, buy the thing.

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