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wWednesday, October 05, 2005

MY TASTE, SUCH AS IT IS: To celebrate my 27th birthday, I took the family out to see Serenity last Friday evening. They loved it. I took this to be good news for the movie's box office, because, of the six people in my party, only the kid brother and yours truly had ever seen an episode. (I liked. The kid wasn't wild about it.) But wouldn't you know it, the weekend total put it at second place.

Here's hoping Serenity will continue to gain ground by word of mouth, but I long ago abandoned the conceit that if I like a movie it will do well. Take The Greatest Game Ever Played. Saw it Monday night with the kid. We were part of a handful of people who bothered to show up. For my money, it was a great movie. Simple, effective, didn't drag. At the opening of the film, we were informed that, "This is a true story," not the usual "based on a true story" that covers over a multitude of historical sins. I was so intrigued with the claim that I ordered the book on Amazon. And so far I see that this gem of a movie has done less than $4 million in box office. Bother.

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