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wSunday, October 09, 2005

YOU CAN'T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME: I've been buying a whole lotta items on Amazon for fun and for research, and my attention has gravitated to price fluctuations. Specifically, I'm interested in the relationship that Amazon affiliate prices have to Amazon prices. Amazon affiliates are other distributors that sell through amazon. They're they "x number of used and new from $" that you see on the Amazon page for a book or CD.

Today, I noticed a rarity. The cheapest that any of the Amazon affiliates is selling the complete Firefly DVD set for is $35.93. Amazon's price is $30.98. What's more, Amazon seems to have plenty in stock. The page tells us that the series "usually ships within 24 hours." So people wouldn't be buying faster shipping with the extra $5.

There are few possible explanations for this anomaly: 1) Amazon recently readjusted its price and the affiliates haven't had a chance to match it; or 2) the series is flying off the shelves, so affiliates aren't super eager to deplete their stock for less money. I'm hoping for number two.

posted by Jeremy at 3:49 PM