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wSunday, November 13, 2005

ANOTHER POST TO MAKE PEOPLE DOUBT MY SANITY: I joke. The book is, well, it's coming. Too many false starts and blind alleys but several chapters are in good condition and most of the research is done. And, yes, I'm backing everything up, just in case. The heavy lifting for next week will consist of watching a lot of movies and taking detailed notes. The horror.

So what comes next? Short term, I head back to D.C. to resume my duties as manager of Orwellian services for a certain free market think tank. I'll be writing more often to get my name out there in the run up to the book and then I'll be hawking the thing. Come one, come all, get your hypocrisy here!

What else? Well, I might start dating again. That would certainly make for more intersting and traumatic blog entries, don't you think? But the problems there are multiple and not easy to resolve.

In terms of personality, I am a heavy man, best taken in small doses, and D.C. seems to bring out the worst in me. On an average day in our nation's capital, my mood fluctuates between amusingly dour and plain vanilla depressed.

Also, women have an amazing ability to piss me off. There are places where most guys will instinctively know not to go and most women just do not have a sense of boundaries. You could take that as a declaration of my rank misogyny, if you were so inclined. But know that I've always tried to treat women well, not out of some vague feminist sentiment but because it seemed the right thing to do.

Plus, I think that capital 'L' Love is a bunch of crap.

And, of course, I'd like to do another book. But that really is getting ahead of myself.

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